Day 85

Someone commented on my blog today !

Thank you.πŸ˜€

Until now I have not really mingled much in the slobber blogosphere . I have been reading avidly, books, threads, blogs; but not really joined in, except on a long running thread on a well known parenting site. That thread and the women (and men) contributing to it, have provided huge support and encouragement to me as the days and weeks have rolled on.

i have ignored my own blog a bit, but now that someone has seen it !!! And been kind enough to comment, I intend to pick it up again.

so, as my title suggests I have been completely alcohol free since March 12th. Thats 85 days. Not one drop of alcohol has passed my lips in that time , and largely I have been content. Not too awful craving, not too much temptation.

I have more work to do, and I’m not complacent – I am the Β woman who did almost 8 months largely sober (apart from two small blips of one evening each) and then picked up again. In retrospect I think those two small blips were much more significant than they first appeared. They allowed me to perpetuate the myth that I could moderate (after all I went straight back into the AF life); they fed the “wine witch” and kept her strong , and they sent the message to me and to others that I ‘could drink’ on special occasions …. All of these messages were unhelpful, deceptive and self sabotaging.

So this time, no blips, no glass of champagne with my DH, no self delusion. It’s sobriety all the way.


Happy weekend all xx ( one reader ! )