Yesterday I wrote that I was planning to start therapy. My reasoning being a) no one can be as interested in sorting me out as I am, and I need some help ? (B) there is just so much ‘stuff’ in my head right now that I feel I need some help to unravel it (c) vaguely I’m hoping it might improve My self esteem by helping me be less self critical. 

One or two warning type posts have suggested to me that this might not be the best time to start therapy / ‘self analysis’ as its early days in my new sober life. I’m guessing this is along the same lines of don’t make any major decisions in the first year of sobriety …

Does anyone else have any thoughts ? Experiences ? Good or bad ?. I do feel quite ‘raw’ and ‘suggestable’ at the moment … 

OTOH I have avoided dealing with a heap of stuff for a very long time, by drinking to forget. I think I am afraid that with no drink,  a well of self criticism / hostility and sabotage will somehow overwhelm me …. 

Lily 🌷


  1. Lily to counter my comment left yesterday if you joined as a client the drug and alcohol treatment centre where I volunteer 1:1 and group therapy is an integral part of their structured 12 week programme. Also we can deal with the well of self-criticism/hostility in other ways such as meditation and mindfulness that are perhaps considered gentler for the earlier days and Headspace is a great starting point 🙂


  2. I have had quite a bit of therapy in relation to dealing with anxiety. A good therapist is worth their weight in gold. A bad one….. Well let’s not go there. My last therapist wanted to dig up a lot of dirt. I found it intolerable and often came home worse than before I went. I wanted to move on not rehash the past. I find nowadays my therapy is books. I find it much more beneficial. Plus I don’t pay by the hour. But everyone is different and you may find it beneficial xx


  3. If you told the therapist exactly what you wrote here, and if he/she has addiction counseling experience, they should be able to respect your boundaries for now. It can’t hurt to try. ; )


  4. I have been in therapy many times, and as No Good said, the good ones really help.
    I went in to help with my depression and anxiety.
    And everyone is different. You could try and see. You can always stop.

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