Friday night

Friday night was always my best ‘drinking night’ , it was the end of a tough week (always !) , the start of a weekend , and with my children with their father for the day on Saturday I could get away with a hangover / morning in bed / hair of the dog pretty easily.

I would stop on my way home and lovingly select three bottles of white wine. Usually whatever was on special offer. But sometimes I would treat myself with one of my favourite New Zealand Sauvignons and scuttle home as quick as possible. If I could buy at least one bottle that was cold, so much the better, otherwise I would stash two bottle in the freezer and put up with the first at room temeperature.

opening the wine as soon as I got in was enough of a ritual that one of the kids would invariably offer to pour me a glass of wine. The first, large glass, would disappear extremely quickly , and the rest of the bottle wasn’t far behind. I would have bough three bottles so that my partner and I could share , but as he drinks faster than I, if it didn’t buy the third bottle I couldn’t be sure of getting my share. That whole 750 mls I considered to be my entitlement. Of course once the third bottle was opened I would help myself to just one more glass, just a small one, that more often that not would turn into a further third of a bottle. Staggering off to bed at midnight, not remembering what I had watched, dehydrated, drunk and messy

Tonight has been different. I came home, spent time with my boys talking about the EU referendum, bought the youngest a new pair of football boots, put away a big internet shop, cooked dinner and ate with the boys and then watched TV with my middle son whilst sewing on an enormous number of name tapes. I’m calm, and I have plans for tomorrow that I know I will be able to fulfill.

these are the benefits of sobriety that I need to think about when the wine  witch comes calling – and those days of relentless drinking seem like fun … Actually it was not FUN at all. 

Have a quiet weekend everyone

lily 🌷



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