Thank you

When I started writing this blog, back in March this year, I was writing for myself. I’d made the decision that I HAD to stop drinking. Somehow, a truth that I had known for at least 19 years, had crystallised in to a decision… NOW. Nor tomorrow, next month or year, but now. 

I had tried sobriety seriously twice before – and not succeeded in maintaining it. I knew this time, I had to be successful. Following advice I had read on another sober site , I decided to write about my journey. Many of the posts I made between March and June are privately published as they are so raw. I had no intention of seeking an audience for my ramblings – and as such just read others blogs quietly.

Then I started leaving messages on a few sites and slowly a few people began to visit my site. I have been so overwhelmed by the wisdom, thoughtfulness, consideration and support I have been shown. I wanted to thank each and every person who has visited my site, shared, liked and commented. You have enriched my life, given me hope and inspiration ( as well as not a few reading suggestions) 

The unexpected seam of love and care I have unearthed means more to me than you can possibly know. I’m still early on in this process, only 109 days. But I now have faith and belief that I can and will succeed in embracing sobriety, and that my life and those of my loved ones will be richer and more authentic for this. 

From the bottom of my heart – thank you



  1. It’s nice to find your blog. I continually have thoughts that I am past any issues, that I could start again, have a drink now and again, and it not get out of control. Reading blogs where people have tried this helps to show me that it may just not be possible and why would I want to mess with where I am? Thank you for sharing!

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    • My advice , just don’t ! I still don’t really know what made me think I could drink moderately again after 8 months of almost complete sobriety. All I do know is that it took 22 months for me to be ready and able to stop again! Thanks for your post – off to check out your blog 🙂 lily x🌷


  2. Lovely post Lily, it’s lovely isn’t it, we feel so alone and there is a whole world of compassion out there to embrace and be embraced by. I had my blip and am right behind you.


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