It’s 4 am in the morning , and I am NOT asleep. This is completely bonkers and very annoying . Periodically I suffer from insomnia – but this has not happened since I got sober 110 days ago. I’m Pretty annoyed that I’m Lying here wide awake for NO reason . 

In an attempt to soothe myself to sleep I listened to a bubble hour podcast about community and the importance of ‘connection‘ in maintaining sobriety. The podcast failed to send me off to sleep, but it did get me thinking. 

Last night I realised how much I have valued the comments and support I have received on this blog. I mean really REALISED,how  important the input of other recovering people has been. Everyone’s comments , from those  earlier in recovery than me , those faltering and the members of the wonderfully long term, established  sober community, have something to offer me. And more than that, by their posts they cast light over parts of my life that were in shadow, and by allowing me to contribute to their lives they boost my fragile self esteem. 

We use the JoHari window in professional Development, to illustrate the ‘unknown unknown’ areas of learning need, ie those things you don’t know that you don’t know. Unsurprisingly these learning needs are the hardest to uncover and we often use feedback from others to help uncover these needs. 

I see a parallel in my life, my sobriety and my blog. I wrote about what I feel, what moves me and how my decision to stop drinking is impacting on me. That’s all ‘known’ to me. (the known known) There are lots of things that I am aware I don’t know – like how to manage my relationship with my mother (this is a known Unknown – I am aware I don’t know what to do about it) ; there are things that others know about me from my posts – that they can see are unhelpful but about which I was previously either not aware or only dimly so. Lastly there are the nuggets I pick up from others posts that strike a completely unexpected chord with me, that open up a thought process that I had never considered before. These are JoHari’s unknown unknowns and their discovery is a gift.

I get all of this from Interaction anonymously on line. This is my ‘community’ that supports my sobriety. The podcast I listened to talked about the pivotal Moment where one of the presenters discussed sobriety with a REAL LIFE PERSON. She described how this interaction literally changed her future and provided the stepping stone to a full and positive life of interaction with others.

I get that, I really do. But I just don’t feel ready to ‘share’ my sobriety. I have reflected on this and will Return to the theme of isolation in another post. I guess for now it’s enough to say I’m Not ready.

The theme of community and community support and the tension between the intensely personal nature of addiction and sobriety against the isolation caused by shame, and the positive impact of loving support is one I will be returning to. 

And now it’s 4.30 am, I have had one hours sleep so far and I need to get up in 2 hours… Time for some valerian and another attempt at sleep.




  1. I think everyone needs some form of community whether it be a sporting community, the close community of fellow work colleagues or something like AA for those of us with drink problems.
    Because of my shame I have tended to withdraw from real life communities and resort to online. Craig Nakken said in his book on addictive personalities that people with addictions need real live community, not online. I understand where he is coming from.
    I used to love the tv show The Vicar Of Dibley. I even joined a local Anglican church hoping to find the same kind of community that was shown on the show! Except the vicar was a narcissistic pig who couldn’t give a toss about his congregation! Where was Dawn French when I needed her? I did make some pretty good friends, although nobody as quirky as the characters from the show! In the end the vicar kicked us all out to start his new brand of church that was too outside the box for my liking. He told me I was dissalusional thinking that I would find anything like The Vicar Of Dibley in real life…..bah humbug.


  2. Must be the time of year, maybe from an evolutionary point of view we need to be out harvesting corn or something. I have thought a lot about community recently as well, it’s our disconnection that leads to a depleted sense of self and then we drink to fill the gaps. People need people!


  3. Lily writing such a great post at 4.00am is extremely impressive. Imagine how you would have felt at that time when you were drinking ! I hope you got some rest. I have listened to that podcast too. I Love the Bubble Hour xx

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