Sorry For yesterday’s “post of rage” – I was not in a good place.

Yesterday evening I went to a gig. See above. A tribute band. I went with a friend and colleague who is having a tough time at the moment. Given how I was feeling yesterday, and how vulnerable to lapse I was, I would have probably stayed at home if I had not asked R to come with me. Given her troubles, I really didn’t want to let her down.

There was, as always, lots of alcohol outlets at the venues. Pretty much everything I had been lusting after earlier in the day. There were a lot of middle aged folk, with bottles of wine, having picnics and getting drunk in the sun.

I Had said I would not be drinking, because it was a ‘work night’, and if R was disappointed, she didn’t show it,

We found a spot on the lawn, got a coffee (and I had a HUGE cake) … And relaxed. I honestly didn’t feel the need to drink, and I wasn’t seriously tempted.

As the light faded and the band came on I found myself just as caught up in the nostalgia, singing along just as loudly, dancing just as badly unrestrainedly, and just as entranced with the sheer energy in the audience as I ever was when drunk.. And I have been VERY drunk as such events in the past, work night Or not…

We had a great evening. R was able to relax and enjoy herself;  we sang and danced and waved and shouted and cheered with the best… I feel I did something good and thoughtful in offering R the extra ticket, and that also cheered me.

I didn’t drink, I didn’t need to.

And to quote the Swedish pop quartet

The sun is still in the sky, and shining above you,

You’ll be dancing once again, and the pain will end, sing a new song, Chiqitita”


  1. We all get to places of rage. No need to apologize. I’m glad you made it thru and got to enjoy that huge piece of cake. 😉

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  2. I’m glad your day picked up yesterday but don’t worry about raging; you can rage here as much as you like! I love Abba too, all good nostalgia tied up in that music.

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  3. Glad it got better 🙂 But just as everyone else says, this blog is your space so you get to do whatever you like in it and if that’s rage then by all means rage.

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