Just a very short post to capture this moment …

Being honest, really honest in a way that I have not been to any living person (I have told all this to Lola the dog, but she doesn’t have much in the way of advice) has produced some truly fantastic, thought provoking, honest, kind and supportive responses. 

I’ve been carrying this burden for the best part of three years. Living with the tension, the split loyalty, the loneliness, the feeling that I should be taking my sons side, but knowing that what he is doing is wrong .. 

AGAIN (and this is, on reflection, such a recurring theme in my life) I kept this to myself, wrestled with it, and until 5 months ago drank like a fish to avoid dealing with it. I seem never to learn that “a problem shared is a problem halved …. ”

So, I have much more to write, later… For now ….


  1. Glad you sound brighter. I agree that comments really help. I have a couple of people who comment on my blog – nothing like the volume you get – I’ve only got 6 followers compared to your almost 70 (awesome) – but they really, really help and I am so grateful. I also get a lot of strength from the comments here and on other blogs.

    Special Love. Tori xx

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