Positive thoughts

And a plan.

My friend Tori,  in a recent blog post (http://sothisissober.com/index.php/2016/08/08/stretch/#comments) talks about the

TIME  that is released when you stop drinking. The early mornings that are now useful time. The evenings where I can do lots of things because I am sober.

I have been thinking about what I could do that would be useful. Could I visit the elderly?, become a school governor? Help out at a scout group?

After seeing our friend J yesterday, I have decided to spend the next year raising as much money as I can for Prostate cancer research.

The final event I will do is a 100 mile ride (sponsored), but I will also do cake sales, and whatever other charity events I can think of. Ideas gratefully received. I want to raise £5000 over the year, so I have some work to do. It will fill my evenings, get me fit , and hopefully help the charity that has funded research that is helping my friend.



    • I will Louise, as soon as I have decided what and when my first fund raiser will be … I’ve registered with prostate cancer uk and booked a place in the 100 mile ride for next July , but I want to do more things before that … Lily 🌷x


  1. Sounds great!! But don’t forget that getting sober is hard hard hard, and full of crazy extreme roller coaster ups and downs – (in my experience anyway) so don’t heap too much pressure on yourself, especially if you’re going through a rough patch.
    Will definitely sponsor you 🙂 X

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