this is Bianca. She is my road bike I bought yesterday. She’s been a demo bike for the store so she was going cheap and looking for a premenant home. Bianca is a slip of a thing, I can carry her with one hand.

There are a few quirks about riding Bianca, because she’s so light, it’s quite hard to steer her accurately – and I’ve fallen off twice already! Biancas pedals need clip in shoes, that I’ve never used before. It’s cool when your feet are locked in, more challenging when you need to stop and put a foot to the floor. Another almost fall when I did this !

Me abd Bianca have to do a bit of practicing together to learn each others foibles, but I’m pretty sure we will learn to work together – and a lot of fun awaits us. Pretty soon we will start training for our big race next summer- along with mr lily on his racing bike.

im optimistic, enthusiastic, and inspired. I believe in myself, and I have an outlet for my restless agitation. Bianca is gorgeous and I know she and I can have a great time together abd raise loads of money for a good cause 🙂


  1. I love the name. Mine is black lightning. She makes me happy. So much in fact that it’s turned into a daily obsession to ride. Rain or shine. I’ll take that addiction over drinking any day. Good luck with adjusting to her and training for your big ride!!! That’s amazing. 😉

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  2. I think you are an amazing woman I have been reading your posts now for 3 weeks into my sobriety and you have helped me so much. Have a wonderful holiday you deserve it

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  3. Love the colour. Love cycling! I’ve never used the clip in shoes – they scare me!! My bikes a hybrid but a small light one, took me a while to get used to her when my previous much bigger clunkier one got stolen! Enjoy 🙂 x

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    • I’ve never used clip in chose either ! Bianca has double pedals, so one side has clips and the other is flat for normal usage. Mr lily is also used to clips so I expect I’ll get it, but I can start with no clips! Lily 🌷x

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