Day 3

So it’s day 3. I am sober . I AM SOBER, and now I’m confident I will stay that way.

Our holiday is going really well. Yesterday I went cycling, swam in the very cold sea, and ran 5k again. J is amazingly well, I can’t believe how active and healthy he is able to be.

Last night we went out for dinner and met up with some friends. One of the ladies asked me if I was just not drinking temporarily (I had never met her before) and , out of my mouth came the words, “oh no, I don’t drink” … 😀😀 it’s not easy , but it’s feeling natural .

i have walked a lot, reflected a lot, picked up my cardiovascular exercise. And I have slept, slept so deeply, heavily and long… The early mornings I had intended to be taking advantage of with  no hangover, I have been deeply asleep !

The photo above is the view from our cottage, the weather is perfect , which can be a bit hit and miss in the uk. I’m happy, I’m sober and all’s  good with the world .





  1. It is nice to say “I don’t drink”. My line is “I don’t drink anymore. Oh I love a good white wine but it stopped liking me so I broke up with it. Headaches, etc” Usually gets a laugh and no more probing. Because others may want to stop and can’t, I make it sound medical and then they don’t probe! Otherwise I found they get overly fascinated with how I stopped and then they want to hear I had a ” problem” and are different than they are. I get it. I used to do the same! Your view is specatacular, enjoy!

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  2. I have never said, “I don’t drink” when offered a drink before. I am awed at your bravery. Maybe I will try it out this week, with someone I am sure to never meet again. (Baby steps.) I’m glad you are doing so well!

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