Tough stuff

There is tough stuff happening. 

I am ok ish, but rather wobbly. I can’t write about it, but I can’t write about anything else either. I can’t think about anything else.

I am sober, and digging deep to stay so. This is bad, but drinking won’t make it better.

I’ve been swimming with no 3 son, and trying to focus on longer term goals. 

Please don’t worry, I’m ok.

Lily 🌷

PS sorry to be cryptic. The issue relates to my relationship, and as mr lily has or had, access here I don’t wish to invade his privacy by dissecting the details. I have some Kalms gentian /valerian tabs that help me sleep .. and tomorrow is another day . Thank you for your kind supportive posts x🌷


  1. You are so strong! Well done you!!
    I found you 3wks ago and decided to give up – tonight I’ve had a relapse- and feel so guilty!
    I thought I’d had social situations under control but clearly not!
    Tomorrow is another day – I’m proud I’ve done 3 wks and not even thought about it and not going to beat myself up, as long as I get back on track tmro!

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