Tough stuff

There is tough stuff happening. 

I am ok ish, but rather wobbly. I can’t write about it, but I can’t write about anything else either. I can’t think about anything else.

I am sober, and digging deep to stay so. This is bad, but drinking won’t make it better.

I’ve been swimming with no 3 son, and trying to focus on longer term goals. 

Please don’t worry, I’m ok.

Lily šŸŒ·

PS sorry to be cryptic. The issue relates to my relationship, and as mr lily has or had, access here I don’t wish to invade his privacy by dissecting the details. I have some Kalms gentian /valerian tabs that help me sleep .. and tomorrow is another day . Thank you for your kind supportive posts xšŸŒ·


  1. You are so strong! Well done you!!
    I found you 3wks ago and decided to give up – tonight I’ve had a relapse- and feel so guilty!
    I thought I’d had social situations under control but clearly not!
    Tomorrow is another day – I’m proud I’ve done 3 wks and not even thought about it and not going to beat myself up, as long as I get back on track tmro!

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