A moment of clarity

In the last 4 days I have blogged at my lowest and most desperate. When sobbing and berating myself. 

Tonight I feel better. I have had a lightening of mood and more peace from my thoughts. Son 1 is home, and fine. But mainly, reading what you have written to me, all of you, and especially those who have also left relationships that were not good for them, has helped me enormously.

I’m calmer, more settled, and more optimistic. I’m not stupid enough to think this will last, but it’s nice for now. 

I have an appointment to see a therapist at 2pm on Weds, and another at 11 am on Friday .. So I’m moving that forward somewhat too. 

So thank you xxx All. Thank you. 

Lily 🌷


  1. I have found blogging about my issues to be a major relief. Often times, you find some great blessings in the words people offer here. And trust me, from experience, therapy is a great step towards a better place. 🙂

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  2. So glad you are going to go through therapy. I used to poo-poo it until my first marriage required it. It was so wonderful to have a non-biased person to talk to and who would give me a fresh perspective.


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