So, here are my thought out plans and goals. I’m trying to leave some time to just BE. and have not set too many time limits.

short term ( next 6 weeks)

Start painting again – two years ago I started oil painting. I loved it, and went weekly to evening classes. In the last 4 months or so I have completely lost my mojo / inspiration and painted nothing. I have identified a new class to attend, and hope that I’ll start to enjoy this again.

yogaI’ve missed too many classes, and let my morning routine slide  – it’s only 20 mins , and I feel better for it …. So ….

make an exercise plan  doesn’t have to be hard, or onerous to start with. Just to allow me to feel I’m on track for the bigger challenges of next year.

meal plan and structure for boys need to get back in good habits re meal planning / enough fruit / veg etc …. start ordering shopping on line again so we can plan. Get boys to take some more responsibility for what they eat!

therapy   think i KNOW need to do this…

stay dry : This is a complete given, but not to be taken for granted

secure / help son 1 job and future

support son 2 in GCSE studies

help son no 3 transition to secondary school

medium term (3-4 months time)

Get serious training underway for triathlon and for 100m ride

stay dry

start some serious financial planning so that one day I can retire

Plan a big trip with my boys, somewhere exciting like China, or S Africa or India. I want to show them some culture.

long term (9-12 months)

Raise money for Prostate cancer UK , for their research – in honour of my friend J

  • sprint triathlon June 2017
  • July 2017: 10o mile cycle – sponsored

I may do other events as well….

stay dry






  1. Well done. Sounds like you know where your going and what your doing. You sound so much more in control and your boys are do lucky to have such a good mum. Most importantly you have gone through all of this without a drink so proud of you.
    You have taught me so much Thank you.


  2. Goals are good. But what I learned along the way, it is better just to focus on staying dry. All the test will fall into place. And if it doesn’t, well… There is always tomorrow. As long as you are accomplishing stay dry goal, things and tasks and to do lists will get easier.


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