I have been neglecting my blog, and my staunch, wonderful support network.

Its been three weeks now since ExP left, and on the whole we are a) managing and b) settling down. Its been busy, kids back to school, me back to work, Eldest son B had GOT A JOB ! Its a great opportunity  ad starts next moth. I’m so proud of him, and relieved and he is so much happier.

Im sober. I get the odd pang for a glass of oblivion – a sharp G&T or a bottle of delicious sav blanc. But I cant face resetting to day 1; I’m terrified I would never be able to give up again; the benefits of my sobriety seem to keep growing and I cant face the hangover. so its becks blue lemon and diet coke for me….

I will spend some time here tomorrow, catching up with everyone else, and sharing some thoughts about sobriety during a hugely stressful time….



  1. That’s great news about your son Lily – I am really pleased for him.

    Glad you are sounding brighter. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to face going back to Day 1. I don’t think I could stop a second time. So like you I am sticking to Diet Coke and sparkling elderflower and lime!

    Love Tori xx


  2. Sobriety is the only way to get through a stressful time.
    Stick with the be is blue.

    I see people every week who relapsed during our fire evacuation. I totally understand. They all had good reason, but they are all suffering.

    Hold on to your clarity!



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