1. Six months amazing! I’m very very happy for you. The fact that you’ve done this whilst going through a personal nightmare is even more reason to congratulate yourself. You seem to be giving yourself a hard time here though and being super self critical isn’t going to help. Things will get better. It’s all very raw and acute at the moment but it will get better. I can see the strength in what you write. x

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  2. 6 months is amazing.
    Sometimes it is hard to celebrate, as that little voice of -you shouldn’t ever have had to quit in the first place- comes out.
    Don’t listen to it. You are making a huge change in your life for the better and it is hard. You are a rock star.

    Finding contentment and love for your self is next, and it take some time. Louise hay and her mirror work actually works, even if it is very hard to do at first.

    Look in the mirror , right in your eyes, and tell yourself I love you.
    I trust you
    You are worthy and strong
    You are enough. Exactly as you are. Right now.

    Keep doing it. It is true. Your heart knows it.


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  3. Uuf – such a lot to be proud of, yet such a lot of undeserved unhappiness —

    Firstly of course, congrats on all that you have achieved! You’re doing brilliantly, and it’s time to let yourself accept a bit of love from yourself –

    Forget “should”. “should” doesn’t belong to emotions. You feel as you feel, and no-one has the right to tell you otherwise – including yourself. “Should” carries such pressure.

    Standards too high? Sweetheart, your previous ex was an addict and the man who you’ve recently left refuses to work, refuses to support you, and refuses to act the adult with your children to the extent that they call him “grumpy”! Do you really think your standards for your partners are too high? I hope that when the time is right, you WILL feel “loved again” – but next time by someone who makes you feel worthwhile and treasured, not “disgusting in some way”; someone you deserve and who reaches standards that the exes could only dream of.

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  4. Congratulations Lily. I was thinking of you today and realised it must be your 6 months. I think it is OK to have mixed feelings. I don’t really know what I was expecting sobriety and everything which comes with it to feel like but I am pretty certain it wasn’t realistic. I am glad I am sober and I don’t want to drink but it’s not the panacea I hoped it would be.

    One of my strongest memories is when you got to 6 weeks on the Dry board and you bought your sobriety necklace. I was so in awe of you and I still am. Lily you are a strong, wise, compassionate, witty, wonderful woman. Be proud. Lots of love. Tori xxx

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    • thank you, I always think of you are I as n the journey together with only a couple of weeks between us. I remember how terribly hard it was for you physically at the beginning and literally willing you on over the internet ! LOL Will be 6 months for your too soon ! xxxx


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