Ok, right now, reading this blog must be a bit like following a teenagers diary. Full of angst and instability and right now, inside corrosive vituperative RAGE.

im so fucking angry.

On the positive side I recognise this emotion both intellectually and viscerally. I know what it is that I am feeling. I am angry with myself, with my ex partner, with my father (or I think I should be, but thats odd because intellectually I feel angry, but emotionally I feel nothing)

im angry with him, my exP, in such a profound, intense,  furious way that I know is an outpouring of all the pent up rage, disappointment, frustration and  hurt of the last years of our relationship. I’m so angry that he could allow our relationship (which started with such love and hope, such intense attraction, such optimism and happiness) degenerate into this bitter, angry, lost cause. And I say HE has allowed it because I have been proverbially ( and literally)

screaming at him for two years or more that we were in big big trouble , and he refused to listen and refused my begging for us to attend counselling together. So whilst the underlying issues are obviously not ALL his fault, the refusal to address them before the entire relationship imploded in  acrimonious uncontrolled meltdown.

and I’m angry with myself. I have no idea if this is justified, but I am angry with myself for a) not seeing the obvious flaws in the set up before we even started b) for not getting much tougher much earlier c) allowing my sons to suffer because he bullied them – not always – and not at the beginning ; but he did  (d) for losing my values and my beliefs under the onslaught of his stronger personality / voice.

One of those beliefs comes from my own childhood. My parents were not happily married – I don’t really know why – although I could guess, but the discord was real, my brother confirms that he too remembers this. I hated being at home as an adolescent , and I left as soon as I reasonably could ( to university / college) at 18. I avoided going home as much as I could. My father was a very critical grumpy man, and I never ever wanted that experience for my kids. I want them to know that they are loved at home, that they matter, that whatever they have done or not done I will be here on their corner. I want home to be a happy secure place for me and my sons. It’s actually one of the most important things I want / need. I now see that my ex partner eroded that with criticism, humiliation, victimisation, unkindness, bullying and downright cruelty. Not always – and there were some good times, but latterly …..

Its hugely important to me that my sons feel safe at home. And I allowed that to be compromised. I am ANGRY And  very disappointed in myself, my weakness that put HIS happiness above my children’s security. Again , it was not all bad, but laterally, it had been terrible.

I fluctuate between furious anger and wanting to scream at him, to acceptance that he won’t see it my way, and in reality it doesn’t matter what he sees  or thinks if the relationship is over.

He still wants to go to couples counselling . I’m quite torn. In one way I want to MAKE him listen – to understand, and then maybe it could work out, maybe we could be happy – I really really though this man was “the one” the “love of my life” ( and I know this brings into question my sanity because Really !!!) 

the other side says there is NO point going anywhere with this man. He will NOT listen and never change and I’m better spending my pennies on my own therapy ….

Puppy plans are coming along though !! And I’m still dry.


  1. Anger can be very productive. You seem to be keenly aware of what’s making you angry too, which is great! Sometimes it can take a while to get that clarity and it’s maddening. Glad to see you’re allowing the feelings to come through.


  2. This part “…screaming at him for two years or more that we were in big big trouble , and he refused to listen and refused my begging for us to attend counselling together. So whilst the underlying issues are obviously not ALL his fault, the refusal to address them before the entire relationship imploded in acrimonious uncontrolled meltdown…” Has so much relevance to my own situation.

    Anger can be a motivator, if it’s focused right, unfortunately it can also be destructive. As you already know, it’s important we control it.


  3. I agree that anger is important.
    I also think you recognize some serious issues with your relationship. Ones that cannot really be changed.
    You know how you want your life to be. Have you asked your sons their thoughts? Perhaps individually?

    I think you have an excellent opportunity to change your household into what you want it to be. Your sons might not like it for a while, but they will see the love you clearly have for them.

    Ask yourself…is there anything the ex can do that would change your mind? His personality is his. Is he just not the right person to provide what you need?

    It’s ok if he isn’t! You have figured it out. Just because you put time into trying to make it work doesn’t mean you must continue. Sometimes goodbye is the right answer.

    Hug. Take care.

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  4. Let it out! It’s fine to be angry. It’s even fine to be angry with yourself. What matters is what you do with that anger and how you defuse it. And you’re doing so without alcohol so you deserve to feel proud of yourself!

    I don’t know if you would feel this applies to you and I’m not trying to be your counsellor BUT I think that if we are brought up to believe that a warped version of emotions is “love”, then when we are adults we are quickly taken in by the same warped emotions. So if a child is brought up by an angry, critical parent, as an adult they are susceptible to falling under the spell of an angry, critical partner if that partner tells that they love them.

    Just my 2 pennorth. I don’t suppose it fits for everyone.

    Hope you’ve been able to relax this evening. xx


  5. Anger is good!! And getting it all out and vocalising why you are so full of rage – even better!!!
    I walked into my therapists room about 2 months in and just ranted about how angry and pissed off I was at (list everything – including my ex- here) and she was like ‘finally!! Some rage!!’

    And then when I calmed I thought about what really mattered, what was just needing to vent, and how to not get myself into a similar place. Like masking a bad relationship with booze. Hiding from fear with booze…. Turning up at my life and doing it for me. Sober!
    I get so angry though it feels uncontrollable – it was the same when I was a child. Still learning how to control it.. Xxx


  6. Anger is one of the five stages of grieving. Isn’t it completely reasonable to be grieving over the loss of this relationship? The relationship wasn’t right anymore. However, it is still a loss and there will naturally be a period of grieving. Roll with it. Acknowledge it. Work through it, and you will come out healed and even stronger!

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