200 days

Today is my 200th consecutive day of sobriety.

this morning I showered early and dressed up a bit. I wore nice, co-ordinated clothes and make up. I wore matching high healed Autumn boots.

in 200 days I have achieved a lot, and a lot has changed.

I am now 7lbs lighter, and single. I’m fitter and more flexible since taking up yoga and increasing my exercise. I’ve started individual therapy for myself.

My boys are ok.

actually I’m ok. It’s not easy at times, and there are still a lot of things to sort out… But I think I’m on the right path.



  1. Congratulations Lily – that’s amazing !! Well done you ! I can picture you in your stylish outfit and autumn boots – good for you. I wore my boots for the first time yesterday – I must say I am quite enjoying the onset of Autumn – it feels as if I am moving on to the next chapter in my sobriety story.
    Much Love, Lily. Tori Xxxx


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    • I don’t feel like an inspiration Mary ! But it is kind of you to say so ! maybe I am in a kind of grim determination NOT to drink kind of way, and a rock steady belief that my life will, ultimately, be better for me being sober, Lily x


  3. 200 days is a really solid achievement- a huge well done to you. I posted a quote on my blog once about sobriety being my wall upon which I could lean through tough times – it sounds to me as if you are starting to get that feeling, which is wonderful. Keep up the good work! Prim xx


    • I like that analogy Prim. It gives me a feeling of some control even though everything around mr is shifting and changing … I do know that I’m doing the ‘right’ thing – it’s just thaT relentless sobriety has forced me to look as so many unpalatable things, and see them as they really are… It’s hard sometimes .. Lily 🌷X

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