one of the subjects that came up in my therapy session today was my tendency to constant agitation. It’s true I find it hard to just “be” , that I find it hard to relax, that my concentration on things like reading is very poor. It’s true that I haven’t been to yoga because I can’t be in the class without tears pouring down my cheeks. I think at  least part of the reason I drank to excess was to manage that agitation.

Whilst my relationship was falling apart , I felt , not unnaturally , quite agitated – and it was easy to blame ExP / the situation for those feelings .

Now my life is much more peaceful, and yet I’m still agitated and struggling to relax. I can’t drink to calm down , so I’m left with my anxiety and overactive mind with no way to soothe it.

we talked, in therapy, about self soothing, as a technique that could help me-   That needs to be learned, and practiced. This ties in with my own thoughts about practicing  with the headspace app, and maybe doing some yoga practice myself. I believe, if I could get up an hour earlier each morning, I could set my day up better and this might have some long term benefits for my mental health.

So maybe I should try this, I will need to go to bed an hour earlier, but I think I should give it a go….


  1. Lily, take a look at this site: The Foundations of Well-Being (.com), by Rick Hanson. I subscribed to it some time ago and it has helped me a lot. With your being a medical professional, I think you will be especially able to see the value in it. You take care.

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  2. I never had much success with headspace, but I love the Insight Timer app. There are guided meditations and music/sounds, of different lengths of time. I’m also trying to re – jig my nighttime/daytime routines to set myself up to feel calmer and more positive. The endless whirl of negativity has to stop!! X


  3. I know it’s not for everyone, but I began taking a low dose of citolapram to mitigate the anxiety. It gave me enough of an edge to be able to bypass the alcohol. I am down to 5mg now and will give it up soon.


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