Today i had a productive day. I took the dog for a run this morning, made 4 fish pies ( and gave two away) cleaned up the kitchen, hovered the house, and went to see my mother and my brother.

I wanted to talk about my adolescence and in particular the role that my father played in our family. Not surprisingly we all remembered things differently, but one thing that did surprise me was the statement of my mother that she didn’t feel ‘resentful’ at the time when my father was not working, (she was) and she did everything for us children, and everything in the house, whilst he sat on his bottom. She explained that was the expectation for women of her generation – and that she didn’t resent the lack of support. I can’t argue with how she says she felt, and I can’t argue with her different recollections. I’m was just surprised.

I also made it both to yoga tonight, and through the yoga class without weeping, this is progress.! 

Sobriety suits me, I wish I’d done it before, it’s turned my life upside down, but it needed to happen.

Night all xx



  1. Oh man, I’m glad I’m not the only one weeping through Yoga. IT’S HARD. And you have to sit with all the fear and uncomfortable feelings. We can do hard things! ❀


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