I’m writing this post to remind myself of something, as many of you reminded me in Comments, and I have heard in real life.

This man cannot make me happy. This ‘nice’ man I went out with on Saturday afternoon does not really exist. This ‘nice man’ is a facade, with a mission. And this ‘nice man’ is also inside, a damaged, unhappy, unkind, selfish man who made life so hard for my son. This man took and took from me leaving me with a huge debt to repay. This man thinks he is always right

Even on our nice afternoon, there were subtle attempts to undermine me, telling me that the house is a mess (it isn’t) and smells bad (it doesn’t) and forecasting disaster at the arrival of a second dog. I’m so so used to these little digs that I don’t SEE them until I reflect on things later. He asked with interest and concern about my younger two sons, but did not mention the eldest who started his first job last week.

He tells me he misses me, loves me, but he does not apologise for the things that split us apart and he does not SHOW me that this ‘love’ is true by understanding my point of view. By Listening to me. I am so vulnerable to him that I only hear the words, and I need the commons sense of my friends and family to remind me to look at the actions. Judge what someone DOES not what they say ..I feel weak, gullible, vulnerable, raw and confused.

I contrast that with me this morning at work. I have seen patients with mental illness, a child with a self limiting virus, a newly diagnosed diabetic, a 40 year old with somatisation and anxiety, a transplant patient, and man who’s indigestion is almost certainly angina pectoris. An elderly lady who has lost her husband Β and is struggling. And more. I am confident here, in my clinic, I have offered these people my time, empathy, explanation support practical advice, medication and expertise. I know I am good at my job. I’m confident in my decision making and my reasoning behind it. I’m confident my knowledge and experience have now produced a rounded, holistic, true “family doctor”. I’m proud of my achievements at work, proud of what I do, grateful that i am valued and relied upon, My judgement is valued and sought.

What happened to this in my personal life ? Why does this one man, who pushed me SO far and has done me wrong, still push my buttons? Why can I see that logically but struggle to connect to it emotionally? Am I afraid of being alone ? Do I judge my worth as a woman by having a man at my side ? Not consciously; consciously I enjoy my calmer life, my time to focus on my children and what needs to be done. Consciously I’m happy in my warm bed at night alone. Consciously I feel the relaxation coming over all of us, I notice the loss of anger and resentment from my day to day life. Consciously I appreciate the peace that comes from doing, each day, what I believe to be right and having no battles between what HE wants and what my conscience tells me is the correct thing to do.

Maybe its like alcohol, it takes time. Consciously I knew that drinking was doing me no favours, but it still took some time to action sobriety. And maybe this ‘moderation’ ; seeing him for an afternoon for a nice drink / rugby match is no good for me either. Maybe here too, abstinence, complete abstinence, is the only way I will recover. Β He is not my friend. He was my lover, the man I hoped to grow old with. He is the man I loved more completely and passionately that I have loved before. I am afraid that it is THIS I am scared to lose. That there is no-one else who could ever make me feel THAT good. That any other relationship will be a pale imitation, second best – measured forever against this ‘lost’ person. On another level I never want to meet anyone else. I never want to risk this again. I don’t trust myself and I certainly don’t trust other ‘men’ – (excluding of course a few I already know)

Reflective mood for a Monday, before a bitch of a week work wise.

But then, on Saturday, Jasper comes…. and I have a week off πŸ™‚


  1. For myself personally, I know that I allowed myself to believe that my self-worth was tied up in the idea of being with someone, and having someone desire me. Even when the person who “loved” me was acting like a total ass and not really showing that he felt much deep respect for me, I would still convince myself somehow that having someone there meant I was somehow more worthwhile.

    Yeah, love is just another drug. It can consume. I am glad that you’re able to take such a clear-headed approach in challenging your own thoughts about it, and thinking critically about what this man meant/means to you. It always gets easier with time πŸ™‚

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  2. I do think it’s time.
    It has taken me a long time to find self acceptance and peace with myself.
    To truly believe that I am ok.

    It will come. Just keep reminding yourself that you are awesome. It does sink in.
    Louise Hay and her mirror work truly works. Try it!


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  3. Of course you are afraid to lose that feeling, that love you gave freely and willingly. Re-read your post though. The odds that you will be able to find a relationship better than this one is really super high in my opinion….if that’s what you end up deciding to look for. Not all men are asses. If you decide not to look for that, I just hope it’s not fear based and that you aren’t afraid to risk. With risk comes reward. Look at all you have “risked” so far and how much you have been rewarded…your children are happier, your self esteem is improving, you aren’t drinking, etc. I venture to say, dear lady, that you are not so much afraid of risk as you think you might be! I, along with many readers, are most impressed with you! You have guts and you have shown it!

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