So yesterday we picked up our beautiful puppy. He is adorable and full of energy and fun. So far, Lola seems ok with him, the cat has swiped him a couple of times for annoying her, he’s eating and we’re starting with house training. So far, so good.

But I am feeling overwhelmed, he’s much noisier than Lola and cried last night in the crate which was heartbreaking. The garden is a mud swamp due to the rain, making the kitchen floor filthy again every time you take jasper out for a pee. The boys love him, but find accidents funny and don’t take training as seriously as me.

When I took Lola out for a walk this morning she was a disobedient as a 6 month puppy. And that’s really not like her. She wouldn’t recall , or bring me the ball and took pleasure in dancing just out of my reach. I suspect she is displeased with me on some level for getting a puppy, even though she has been playing with him. Like a toddler when a new sibling comes Along. Stressed me out though,.

I know I need to chill a bit. Mud is inevitable at this time of year, and at least Lola likes him ! We have wooden / tiled floors and have taken up the rugs so he can’t ruin anything.

Agitated and overwhelmed is how I feel this morning, and worried I have made an expensive and stressful mistake ( that’s the voice of ExP)


  1. Wow, this is exactly what I want through when I got my puppy three years ago. After one week, I was so exhausted and tired of cleaning up messes that I “returned” the puppy to the breeder. Then, after a too quiet week without him, I went back to the breeder to get him, in a two-hour trip through the country in muddy, pouring rain. The breeder was gracious and says it happens all the time. Three years later and he’s still here. People say it’s like having a newborn. It’s worse! Newborns don’t track mud through the house. Hang in there!
    That puppy is adorable, and will get way easier soon. I wish I could take him for the weekend. ; )

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    • Puppies are HARD work aren’t they ! I guess I forgot that Lola didn’t arrive as the obedient (mostly) , housetrained, calm dog she is now – that a lot of hard work went into achieving that !

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  2. You know after I got divorced, every time I would do anything i would hear my ex’s opinion/criticism in my head. I would recognize it and tell him to f**k off (I would have written that out on my own blog:):And then one day I realized that voice was gone. And funny that someone who wasn’t pulling their weight would criticize the one paying for everything about their spending! Just saying- kind of typical isn’t it?
    Everyone will adjust and Lola will get over her hurt feelings. There’s nothing like puppy smell!!

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  3. Oh how grand!! Don’t let the mental voices get you down. Puppies are so hard at first it is only natural to think “what have I done?!” and “it will -never- be trained” but those thoughts pass with time (and better sleep.) The love and companionship far outweigh this transient miserable bit.


  4. Maaaah!! He is SO CUTE! We were the same with our pup. Got him when our daughter was merely TWO years old. Madness! Day 3 we were thinking “What have we done”?! It is stressful, but I put so much time and consistent effort into training him for those first 6 months because I would prefer 6 months of hard work and then I’ve got a really good dog. He is easy peasy now. It makes all the stress worth it when they are curled up on you asleep and you can stroke their perfect little pink pads on their paws! xxx Enjoy him! Please update us with pics as he grows 🙂

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  5. I remember this feeling when I first got mine, it passed after the first day once I’d rearranged some things. Made a comfy space in the kitchen , warm with a ticking clock for comfort while we all went to bed with cotton wool in our ears. It passed quickly! Jasper is very cute!


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