A pearl

To me anyway ..

I read this on the great website of feminist ne wisdom that is Mumsnet. I can’t find where so I apologise to the original author whom I am unable to credit.

I’m the middle of (another) thread in which a woman is desperately upset by the appalling actions of her partner, but seems unable to leave because she “loves him”, a poster wrote 

“It doesn’t matter what your feeling are, your feelings will catch up with the rest of you. What you have to decide is, is there any realistic prospect that I and this person can have a fulfilling relationship that meets my needs ” 

And if the answer s no, for whatever reason, you need to end it. And break contact, and eventually you won’t love him anymore. 

For some reason, this extremely simple truth has rung a HUGE bell for me…

I’ve written about 8 posts this week, and not published them.

 Something is shifting again in my head. I think it’s progress but I’m a bit apprehensive… 

lily 🌷xx 

My puppy Jasper is above, for no other reason than I love him ❤️


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