• Of course – I hope you don’t think I was trivialising your shame. Remember that since you stopped drinking you haven’t done anything you feel ashamed of. Keep that head up high Lily and be proud. Xx

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  1. Lily, I completely agree with Tori! You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Instead, you should be proud of all the work you’ve done and how far you’ve come-and I know you are. And, it could have always been worse. It’s all part of your process-it’s part of your story. We all have things that we feel ashamed of- and as time goes on, it becomes more bearable and when we work on it and work it out, we claim our power over it. While reading your post I had absolutely no judgement or feelings that you had done anything to be ashamed of. I had a boss once-who was a total jack ass-BUT, he said something once that has really stuck with me. That was,”it’s okay to make a mistake once. We all do that. It’s a problem when we continue to make the same mistake over and over.”

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      • You know yesterday I was listening to this guy I like on a Podcast and something he said really resonated with me. One way to look at all your doing-not only in quitting alcohol but the work you’re doing with your therapist and then blogging about it is a form of detoxing-there are so many ways for us to detoxify ourselves and our lives-and I thought of you when I heard that-You’re just releasing the old, toxic no longer needed stuff-to make way for whatever your Higher Self has in mind for you!

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