Moving on

I really hope so anyway.

Yesterday, my brother and I picked apart the bones of my financial situation. I found it indescribably helpful, to be completely open, with real numbers. My brother is an accountant, and perhaps for that reason, or perhaps it's just his nature, but he has a completely unemotional relationship with money, and a much more pragmatic view of the future.

In contrast, I have lacked the simple approach that we worked through yesterday. Just an excel spreadsheet, with income and fixed expenditure, a few planned for big things (holidays etc) and at the end, hey presto , discretionary spending. So simple but the beauty of this, is that I can alter the numbers on the sheet – so if I spend less on food than budgeted for- or more on gas , I can reflect it in real time.

And the big debt? Once again, instead of trying to squeeze an impossible amount out of the monthly budget to pay it, he recommended I extend my mortgage borrowing. By far the cheapest way of borrowing, and both accessible and affordable.

I feel immeasurably lighter. And easier. And calmer. And last night I ate better than I have for weeks, and slept from 8pm to almost 8 am.

Onwards and upwards.


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