Adventure …

I have just booked a week in January to go to Nepal and visit son1.

I am SUPER excited and really really looking forward to it! A very kind friend of the family has volunteered to come and mind the home /children/dog whilst I am away…

Just me, going on an adventure ….

For the first time in absolutely AGES i feel like I have something to really look forward to, and travelling alone is surprisingly cheap !



  1. Thank you all. Im am so excited and really looking forward to it. It will be very good to see Son1 and have some time together to do some things, we are planning a Jungle safari in Chitwan national Park, but the rest I’m leaving to him to show me ‘his’ Nepal … what a development in a mother /son relationship when the child leads the parent … Lily x


  2. Amazing!!! I’ve not been but apparently the most beautiful and friendly country… what a perfect place to go to clear your head, breathe in fresh air, laugh and smile at the simple things… and be with your son!

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