Feeling unspeakably awful this morning after a bitter argument with son2 (15) . He hates me. He blames me for his ‘shit life’ and the anger and criticism of my choices – in particular my relationship with ExP – was furiously, eloquently and viciously expressed.

I know he’s 15. I know much of what he says / thinks comes from his father who has enjoyed filling his head with adult thoughts. I know he’s anxious about public exams at the end of this year. I know this..

But, but … it’s pretty crap. And pretty depressing. And not, it seems, solvable


  1. Lily my love, I know you know this but as you say he is 15 and they say really horrible things at that age. My 13 year old is often really nasty to me. You are a safe target because he knows whatever he says, you love him and you are not going to abandon him. It’s shit, it feels horrible but it’s normal and it’s NOT your fault. Xxx

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  2. I agree with Tori. These things are horrible at the time but if you stick with him ( that doesn’t mean you have to accept the abuse. Just stay away from him for a bit if you can?).
    I remember horrible, horrible times when my son was a teenager. Years later he is wonderful. I’m sure your boy will be too. Don’t lose heart x


  3. I’m so sorry. Kids can be so mean as they know how to hurt us.
    You are doing your best. You do not deserve this from him. Could you make it clear to him that his comments are hurtful and unacceptable.
    I know you are trying to make life better. He knows it too.
    It sounds easy to say don’t take it personally…but try to remember it’s him railing against the world.
    Hug hug hug


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