A few years ago I took up painting. I had done no Art since I was 14 and dropped it at secondary school. At that time I didn’t enjoy Art, was quite convinced I had no ability whatsoever and was pleased to drop it from my curriculum.

Over the intervening years I occasionally wistfully wished I could draw /paint, but considered it one of those things that others could do, not me. But the idea of ‘having a go’ appealed to me, and as I got less self conscious about my lack of talent I investigated some options. Back in 2014 I took the plunge and enrolled in a drawing and painting for beginners evening class at the local adult education college. It was true, I discovered, that I did not have a great deal of talent, but I enjoyed it and found it absorbing. My original aim had been to paint with watercolour, but that, I found is a great deal harder than it looks! I decided to have a go at Oil painting, and to my delight found it very satisfying – as the paint doesn’t dry for ages, there is plenty of opportunity to correct mistakes, and I enjoyed mixing colour and trying to create something pleasing to the eye.

I did 2 years of evening classes, and produced a number of paintings, (one of which is pictured above with apologies to M Monet! ) All very positive, but as my relationship broke down I found it impossible to get out in the evenings, and my general apathy resulted in lost motivation. I painted occasionally, but mostly my art box languished in the corner of my room and I made no serious effort to resume any creative activity. Last May, on holiday I had a most delightful chance encounter with a proper artist, which I wrote about here. I was enchanted, inspired and re-energised. But again, general apathy and lack of direction meant that I’ve dabbled a bit since then, tried to engage with another evening class … and its all kind of fizzled out.

But underneath I have realised that, talent-less or not, I am quite creative and really do enjoy ‘crafting and producing’ things. I’ve done silk painting, pottery painting, some patchwork, with varying degrees of success; I’ve attended a variety of exhibitions and tried to learn from the techniques I see displayed. I’ve even read a bit around the techniques, and practised  my drawing skills occasionally…

Following my last, rather spiritless and tedious post (which reflects my mood sadly) I started wondering about what I could do, that I would enjoy, to give myself a bit more purpose and (hopefully) fulfilment. An evening class is too complicated for the moment, as I can’t commit to being out, but it occurred to me that a weekend day course might be an option.

Typically, once that thought has established itself in my brain, I have to act. So, as I write, I have booked a day course at the V&A museum in drawing (in April) ; a watercolour beginners day (in May) and a two day Oil painting course ( in June). I even got vouchers for two of them so that they were 1/2 price …Never one to do things by halves, me !

All of a sudden I feel a bit, well, energised, more positive and slightly invigorated… which is nice 🙂

Onwards and upwards …


    • I say I have no talent to emphasise that its the doing that is the point. Its not easy for me and I don’t expect to produce masterpieces – its the process and the absorption and effort that I enjoy!

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  1. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your posts. To me you are truly inspiring. You write how you feel and your way of self reflecting helps me a great deal with my own issues and problems. I think your painting is beautiful and I’m sure you will enjoy your courses. Take care. Lucy

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    • Thank you so much Lucy, that’s very kind. I started this blog as a self reflective journal, through a difficult period, but if it has been helpful to you I’m really pleased. Lily x


  2. I love the painting. Don’t sell yourself short. BUT even if you were just painting big canvases of mess, but it made you feel good.. then that’s all that matters. Fabulous to read your last post and straight on to this one. Maybe it might inspire you to just pick up a sketchbook and doodle or paint when you’re at home? No pressure to ‘produce’ anything.. just enjoy the moment.

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  3. Great plan and you’ve inspired me get a move on with booking a course for myself
    This year I have promised to spend more time learning new things
    Not quite sure what yet and it won’t be art, I can’t paint for toffee! 😀 but I’ll book something
    Good luck with it x

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