700 days

Today is my 700th day of continuous sobriety.

Pretty cool? Yeah, I’m happy with that …

The last night I drank was also a Friday. And somehow I just knew I had reached the end… it was an unremarkable Friday in many ways, and I was not expecting it to mark the end of my drinking days. I was drunk at the end, but not excessively so, and there was nothing remarkable about that !

When I woke up this morning I was conscious of the date, and aware f its significance. This is unusual, I have largely ‘forgotten’ that I don’t drink, and apart from my “soberversary” looming on the horizon I don’t keep a check on the number of days dry very often.

However, since I HAVE noticed that this is day 700, and it seems worthy of a small pat on the back, I looked back at some of my blog posts over the last (almost) two years. I can see I’ve come a LONG way. I am so very much more content that I was, so very much less stressed by intolerable frictions and unmanageable problems. Yes sure, there are problems, but nothing that makes me wants to hide to escape it, and nothing tha feels too overwhelming.

I’m quite glad that when I quit I didn’t realise HOW long it would take for me to feel ‘ok’ . I had thought that about 100 days should do it! Obviously I had been avoiding looking at so many aspects of my life which were a lot less than ideal, and i hugely underestimated how much upheaval the decision to stop drinking would cause.

I’m very pleased I stuck with it though. Everything that has happened needs to happen, and the changes have ultimately been for the positive. I’m not “there” (wherever “there” is) yet, but I feel that Im getting there …

There is  a lot to look forward to at the moment; next month I am going away for a weekend and in April we have an extended family weekend trip. In the Summer the boys and I are going to Africa for a 3 week holiday… yes, there’s a lot to look forward to.

700 days … that’s just over a million minutes !  99 weeks that I haven’t been pissed… Honestly, it has been hard at times, but even in the hardest times, I haven’t seriously doubted that it was the right decision…



  1. Ah well done! I found your post because I’ve just realised I’m 703 days and searched ‘I’ve not drank for 700 days’. I’m in aa and have come to some staggering conclusions. First, the booze wasn’t the problem. I drank because there is something wrong with my thinking and especially my perception of the world. I found it harsh and frightening. I know now that’s not how it really is, just how I saw it. Secondly I realised I have no idea what is good for me. Left to my own devices I will work hard to achieve goals that ultimately make me unhappy. Material success and hedonism, my default aspirations, hold no joy for me. I’ve learned there is more joy in a small act of kindness than in the conclusion of a lucrative business deal or the delivery of a flash car. I used booze to numb the emptiness I still felt on achieving these things, which only led to the erroneous conclusion that I needed more. I have to work every day to keep my new thinking alive. If not I would default to my default ideas. And that, for me I believe, would spell disaster. Thanks for the post and congrats. ODAAT.


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