The fellowship

I never ever thought I would write this post.

Tonight I went to an AA meeting.

Holy shit. I did it.

And I survived. Better than survived: I connected.

Earlier today I wrote that I had contacted someone from the British doctors and dentists group. He suggested I meet him this evening and attend a meeting….

So we met for a coffee, and then we went to the meeting.

And although there were all kinds of different people there, and there were lots of experiences I have not had – all I heard was the similarities. All those people (maybe 30) spoke a truth that I understood. And although I did not share “my story” I could have simply taken others sentences and rearranged them to be my narrative. The same themes, the same emotions, the same shame, guilt, horror and chaos.

I “got it” and I know they would have “got me”…

how amazing.

I needed this.

I do wonder whether just now is exactly the “right time” for me to have done this. It was hard for me to go, hard to listen to the pain that others shared, hard to recognise the character traits that I share .. it might be that I simply could not have done this earlier. Now? Now it feels good. It feels right.

So, tomorrow night I will go to a women’s meeting ….😊


  1. I’m glad you made the jump! I agree with Anne, the connections you foster with others Or the most important thing. Recovery can be a lonely process, those without that voice in their head that screams “DRINK! DRINK NOW!” don’t always understand our particular set of vulnerabilities and struggles. ❤️

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      • Absolutely!!! Working our way through the wreckage with our eyes open is one of the toughest parts of sobriety, and I think it’s what kept me drinking for so long.

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