The day off: a tale of self compassion

Today I have not gone to work.


This is very unlike me. I am not unwell. A meeting I was supposed to attend was cancelled and I am emotionally drained. Physically I’m tired and I have noticed that I have felt quite irritable that last couple of days.

I have no patients booked to see me, and nothing that will inconvenience anyone else if I don’t do it today; but I do have a lot of work todo.

So I got up and dressed as usual, took son 2 to school and as I was heading to work the message came that the meeting was cancelled. I went home. And I’ve stayed here.

I felt “naughty’, guilty, & ashamed … initially. And then I caught myself, and started a different thought process. Along the lines of, “I work very hard in an emotionally taxing and draining job, I have a number of very stressful emotional issues of my own (think sobriety, connection, compassion) and I’m caring for a mentally unwell teenager. Give yourself a break… others would feel compassionate toward me if I shared this, and i would definitely be compassionate to another in this situation; it’s ok to be overwhelmed, it’s ok to feel worn out and it’s ok to take a day for yourself”

So I have.

And I have done a little work at home, but mostly I have blogged, listened to Brené on audible and made burnt caramel and chocolate ice cream in my new ice cream maker

I feel calmer, more composed and better able to deal with the rest of the week.

I think that’s ok.


  1. Awesome.
    I get that guilt too. And I often used to drink on days off, so that weird pull surfaces…but recognizing we deserve breaks like everyone else…maybe even more breaks if that’s what’s called for, is self love and compassion.


  2. Of course it’s ok Lily . You have done so well and you always put your children first. Your a good woman.


  3. MORE than okay!! I never used to get physically sick but had to pretend to be sometimes to take a day off for myself. One when you can’t go out and when everyone else is at work, etc.. to just recharge. Xx the modern world puts too much stress on us. We as humans were not designed to cope with it. We think we are.. then we all get sick and physically and mentally drained/ill … :/


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