Writers block

I havent had this before.

Usually an idea for a post comes to me, sometimes in a flash, or as the result of an experience or conversation; other times over a few days I realise I’m musing on something and I need to write it out. There have been times when I have not written much, and this has been related to one of three things, 1. Too gloomy / flat to have a creative thought 2. Not able to catch which thought is nagging at me 3. Overwhelmed by experiences…

but generally, once I start writing, the words just drop out, via my typing fingers until the post is written. I don’t edit much (as you can see) because I find when I do, the emotion behind what I have written (and it’s ALL about emotion) gets diluted and fades.

this feels different. In the last few days I’ve started 4 posts, but none are sufficiently coherent to publish. Even on a personal blog.

I can’t write at the moment. I can’t follow a train of thought to create a short written piece. Even this feels forced and unnatural.

There is a lot. Inside there is a lot. But I’ve lost the ability to translate it into the written word.


I have relied heavily on this ability to take stuff out of my head. To capture how I feel in a moment and put it on paper. By writing it, I have managed both to unload at the time, and provide myself with a reference to look back on. I can remember how I felt when I read my posts, and I can compare that with how I am now … this has been extremely valuable (and it’s one of the main reasons I keep this blog)

I hope this block is temporary .



  1. Yeah, gheghe, been there. In the end I thought that ‘sitting with what is’ might be the only solution. Probably is. I guess that ‘wanting things to be non gloomy, coherent, inpired, following a logical path’ is not accepting that sometimes life is not that. I actually think writing about being blocked is exactly a good sober thing to do. And to throw in an piece of sobriety wisdom: “this too shall pass”. In addition to that: it might be interesting to check out what your system comes up with to break this impasse. 🙂
    Looking forward to your next post! 🙂
    xx, Feeling


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