The Gremlins

I do not know what happens.

This morning I was ok. Not great because the current UK heatwave coupled with recent emotional disruption is played by havoc with my sleep, but ok.

It’s now 17.40 and I think I am going to explode with rage and frustration. Or is it fear ? Or something else …

but where does that sudden unmanageable emotional torrent come from?

And what the hell is it all about ?

Maybe someone can identify with overwhelming anger arriving out of the blue so that I feel like I hate EVERYONE in my path, my thoughts are completely uncontained and I feel like a fish wriggling on the end of a line.

I literally do not know what to do with myself except that I have to meet my partners in now 15 minutes …..

stressors in order of importance

  1. Son 1
  2. Son2
  3. Mess
  4. Too much to do
  5. No sleep
  6. Huge unexpected bills
  7. Practice managers resignation
  8. Developing conflict with partners re replacement
  9. Mess
  10. My recovery path
  11. Son3s discordant noise in his piano lesson
  12. Mess
  13. No time to do what I want
  14. Mess



  1. Aaaw honey, take a moment to yourself. Nothing good ever comes from being in such a state, it is a true sign for self care.
    I have that when it is hot and I did not drink enough water (or on a period, but periods somehow have left the building….). I generally prefer a shower and drinking water to hating and murdering people in my path. πŸ˜‰
    Sorry to hear about the bills and the other shit. 😦 That all sucks big time.
    Sweaty but luckily virtual hugs to the other side of the Canal.
    xx, Feeling


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