What does “home” mean to you?

For me, I have always wanted a comfortable home that feels like an emotionally safe place for me and my children. A place where we can all come to recover from the stresses of life “out there” and know that we are valued, cared for and able to relax.

Alongside that I want my home to be clean, tidy, well maintained and aesthetically pleasing (to me anyway!)

Over the last 15 years I have been collecting Art. Usually, but not exclusively from my travels, I have bought quite a lot of Art pieces. Mostly paintings, but also sculpture and some functional pieces. Some have been deployed round the house but quite a lot were badly placed or ill fitting to their surroundings. The house, whilst ok, hasn’t felt really ‘finished’. When my ex partner lived here, he jealously guarded the role of DIY expert. And, to be fair, he was very good at DIY, but he refused to allow anyone else to do anything at all. And he rarely actually got around to starting home DIY tasks, let alone finishing them.

Since I got home from Africa, with a few more art pieces, I have been rearranging stuff on the walls, with the help of my older brother who has an eye for this kind of thing. I bought a drill, some rawlplugs and screws and set about hanging the pictures.

Today I finished. The place looks great 😊😊

Home feels properly homely now. It’s how I want it to be. Im not great with the drill, but I can hang a picture and its straight and the spacings are right, and most importantly the tasks are completed.

The picture at the top is a canvas I bought in South Africa. Its not currently framed so I’ve just hung it to get the travel roll out of it until I can get a stretcher frame . And below is the lamp from Morocco thatI have just managed to use, and other paintings I have (re) hung.

Feeling pretty pleased with myself !

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